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TIR disassembly is good spare parts at a good price!

It's no secret that prices for original parts are not democratic. The TIR disassembly is a smart man's compromise when it comes to the balance between quality and cost. Thanks to it, you can easily buy the necessary components at an affordable price. At the same time, the shortcomings of spare parts that go on sale after disassembly are quite insignificant. Usually, these are small scratches that do not affect the technical characteristics of the unit or part in any way.
    Economy is not the only advantage of using used auto parts. Dismantling trucks makes it possible to:
  • it is easy to purchase parts for almost any model and brand of truck, even those that are not already on the market;
  • save time, because a specialist consultation takes a maximum of an hour;
  • if necessary, select alternative options.
Our specialists will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information about the required spare part, its condition, and if there are any defects, they will inform you about them.
Although truck disassembly is carried out in Ukraine, the machines for it are imported exclusively from Europe, without running on Ukrainian roads. Thanks to this, all components and units that we offer are in excellent condition and ready for use.
Our company cares not only about the reliability of components, but also about the convenience and comfort of our customers. That is why we organize delivery almost anywhere in Ukraine. In addition, in many cities there are partner companies, in whose offices you can pick up your order yourself.
Truck disassembly is a real way to reduce the car repair budget as much as possible with minimal risks.